Our international team of specialist trainers, skilled in their various martial disciplines, bring with them a lifetime of experience and knowledge in technical guidance and physical training. With their unquestionable commitment to fitness and fighting excellence, trainees at Juggernaut Fight Club will experience nothing less than the Ultimate Fight Experience.

Fighting is not about being wildly aggressive or letting our egos get ahead of ourselves. Fighting represents awareness of our own free spirits, our dreams and desires. It is the process of striving for what we want in life. By training like fighters, we expand boundaries; instil discipline and fuel the hunger for success.


As basic as it may sound, Boxing is more than just fist-fighting in a square ring. It is the seamless Boxing Singaporesynchronisation of mind and body, to have the two working together in the face of direct threat of attack. Boxing is a character building skill with one simple requirement: Desire. Technical knowledge, physical fitness and experience can be gained, but desire lets you live through it and come out stronger.

Our World-class Boxing programme will have you fighting fit and in the best physique of your life. Together with getting you into a tip-top physical condition, you will also be learning to throw real punches, slip and weave out of danger and the footwork to get in and out of punching range.

Boxing Singapore


The national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai has been developed through the ages into a brutally efficient form of self-defence that is deeply steeped in its culture. Muay Thai’s rhythmic beats and deliberate movements mask its lightning quick and ferocious attacks utilising the eight hardest points of the body. Fists, elbows, knees and shins and employed with deadly intent.

Our programme developed with years of learning from different world champion fighters such as Ole Laursen, is more of a hybrid style of muay thai. Similar to dutch kickboxing, where their punch and kick combinations are some of the best around.

Muay Thai Singapore


Considered the ultimate fighting discipline, Mixed-Martial Arts is a combination of the best elements from the traditional martial art forms. Comprising of stand-up striking, take-downs and a ground-game, MMA calls for extreme commitment, knowledge and discipline to be adept at both offense and defense in the octagon.

For everything outside, our MMA programme will have trainees cross-training in the available disciplines to get them ready and able for any fight situation. But be prepared for the toughest, most rewarding physical and technical experience on the market. As the sage Bruce Lee himself once said: “When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.


Originally developed by the Gracie Family in Brazil, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a contemporary martial art that focuses on fighting on the ground often from your back. Body mechanics and the science of the human physiology are put to deadly use with joint-locks and chokes forcing submission.Simple as it may sound, the key to success is a strong body and a quick mind. Our specialised BJJ and NoGi classes will get you prepared for battling and surviving on the ground.


Contrary to popular belief, the sport of Wrestling is a science as much as it is an art. Wrestling is about the human machine and how you use your body’s leverage, balance and power together to bring your opponent down. Wrestling is the key transition game between stand-up striking and grappling. The key to success is to maintain focus and to possess latent physical power to strike when opportunity avails. Our wrestling programme is great for those seeking a gruelling challenge in building strength and improve balance.