Please come in your comfortable sports attire. Shoes are not allowed for Muay Thai classes, but it is up to your preference for boxing classes. If you have your own handwraps and gloves, please bring them. We do not provide handwraps but have public shared gloves for your use.

We expect all students to be on time and respect both the instructor’s and the other students’ time. It is understandable if you are late 5-10 minutes, but we reserve the right to reject entry to anyone later than 10 minutes.

We are able to extend memberships due to injuries (provided with doctor’s MC) or overseas business trips. The extensions are as follows:

3 months membership- 14 days extensions maximum

6 months membership- 21 days extension maximum

12 months membership- 30 days extension maximum

We regret to inform that there are strictly no extensions allowed for drop in packages or 1 month memberships.

We do not provide handwraps but have shared public gloves for your use.

We only accept cash and NETS payments.

We accept walk ins only and booking is not necessary to join our classes. Kindly drop by and make your payment before class.

No, we do not offer free trials. Kindly purchase a 1 day pass at $30 to try our classes unlimited for one day.

Kindly join our beginner classes according to our schedule for striking (Muay Thai, Boxing). For grappling, you can join any class as they are mixed levels.

We recommend at least 4-6 beginner classes consistently to get the basics and fundamentals before joining our advanced classes. However, everyone learns and advances at a different rate so please ask your instructor for an assessment.

The minimum age is 11 for our adult classes. We also have kids boxing classes on Saturdays at 11:30am.

Our packages are unlimited meaning you pay your fee upfront and can train an unlimited number of sessions within your membership time frame.

No, our memberships are meant to be paid one time upfront.

This is a common question, and the best we can say is that it varies. Everyday is different and every class as a different number of people in class. You can expect anything from 2 – 15 people in a class. What we can assure you is that every student gets the same amount of attention fron the instructor.

Being a fighter is not as glamorous as TV makes it seem.  It requires a lot of commitment, dedication to your training, and disciplined. Our head coach and instructors will access those who have expressed interest in fighting and will offer you a fight if you are consistent and dedicated. Sparring is required for those who want to fight.

We expect all members to be on time regularly, to participate in all warm up and cool down conditioning drills. To have respect for your fellow members and instructors.