Arvind Lalwani

Arvind Lalwani

Owner and Head coach


Rahul Raju

Rahul Raju

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Coach

Rahul K Raju aka The Kerala Krusher is a well known fighter in the Asian scene. He is an accomplished BJJ brown belt and a pro MMA fighter with one of the biggest organisations in the world ONE Championship, which he holds a 7-5 record. Rahul started as an amateur fighter with Juggernaut Fight Club in 2013, over 7 years ago and now he is the head grappling instructor.


Amanda Chan

Boxing Coach

Amanda Chan is a BJJ blue belt and multiple time BJJ gold medalist and she is 1-1 as an amateur MMA fighter. She is also an undefeated professional boxer with a record of 3-0 and is one of THE emerging talents in South-East Asia. Amanda started her journey with us here at Juggernaut Fight Club 5 years ago as a trainee and now is a full fledged pro fighter and instructor.


Ian Soh

Boxing & Muay Thai Coach

Ian initially took up boxing and Muay Thai as a hobby when 17 years and, as he says, “I was just thinking it was very cool and all….typical teenage guy mindset”. After a few years, Ian started to truly appreciate and love fight sports learning valuable lessons with regards to “discipline, tenacity and humility. ”

After eight years of boxing his hard work paid off and he became Lightweight National Amateur Champion at the  2021 SABA National Competition.

Ian is an ACE-certified personal trainer, is Juggernaut Fight Club Chinatown’s Head Coach – striking & Operations Manager


Hidayat (Hiddy) Haron

Wrestling Coach

Hidayat is a former national wrestler under the tutelage of Alexander Hubarevich, a Belarus junior champion. He started wrestling when he was in university and hasn’t stop since then. Currently, he is coaching wrestlers who are competing in both local and overseas competitions. Hidayat takes pride in being a wrestler and is passionate about spreading and sharing his wrestling knowledge.